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Objectdock V0.65 Out!!!


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It seems the Yz and ObjectBar are both developing on the same pace since I have the same problem with both these new dock versions, my TV tuner application doesn't work in windowed mode.

I love that auto-hide was added but I have a slight problem when it's enabled. My TV tuner application, Dscaler, doesn't work in windowed mode while the dock is running with auto-hide mode.

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well its a nice update.. but i still cant use it because of the mag effect

its so smooth though.. and fast thats whats awesome about this dock.. very beautiful work jeff

but whats this extra stuff.. i cant seem to find the extra **** you speak of.. lol :) im blind


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Bolero, I am taking about a big pile of crap that was included in this release. Now, I have probably said bad things about piles of crap in the past, and I will stick by those assertions, but THIS pile of crap is a welcome addition to the dock.

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Originally posted by heavy a@Dec 3 2002, 01:37 AM

Is there a list of features/ bug fixes for this update?


-Skinnable background, selectable via dropdown.

-"Foreground" overlays

-Background transparency adjustable (currently only 1 slider for all)

-Background skin can have different images for different edges of the screen

-Fixed no magnification title bug

-Improved bouncing, sped up poof animation slightly

-Fixed 8bit icons loading crashing the dock

-Fixed not being able to drag item off to the dock delete if not on bottom

-Drag/drop improved: multiple files can now be dropped once, system shortcuts

can be dropped (e.g. "My Computer", "Internet Explorer", etc

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