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Leopard and Shapeshifter?

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How long, approiximately, will it take for Shapeshifter to be leopard- compatible.
Until the Unsanity team fixes it. You can't put a time-table on that. It's dependent on how much work needs to be done. Their web-site states that the current version of Shape-Shifter does not work with 10.5. That is all that is known.

Also, this thread is best suited for Customizing Other, where customizing anything other than Windows is categorized.

Thread Moved.

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it's starting to look like theming on leopard is going to be a longs way off. It's been discovered that leopard is using a completely different way of skinning the ui, and as such, it seems that it will take a long time to figure out if theming can even be done.

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