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Need some skins for the new AveTunes


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Hey all

This is my very first post, I just love this forum, glad to be here. Anyways, I would like some skins for the new avetunes. If any of you have some links to skins that would be great. I would love to get something that looks like this with that reflection.


Sorry for that pic.



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Thanks allot. I love it, but it doesn't display the album info. Do you think you can show me how to do it. Like display the album the song and possibly the artist just like the one I posted in the pic. I would also like to change the track and pause it through the display like the other skins.

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Oh that sounds great. I hope its not too much trouble. I would basically like a skin that looks like the the one I posted above.

1. album art with reflection

2. album name ( to the right of the album)

3. artist (to the right of the album)

4. song title (to the right of the album)

5. previous/ next on the left and right of the album cover. At the top of the album corners.

6. pause and play in the middle of the album.

I hope its not to hard to do if it is then don't worry about it. I don't want to be more annoying than I already have. lol

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about what size do you want it to be?


okay there's one problem I can't place the play/previous/next/pause buttons on top of the artwork since (please correct me if I am wrong) reflective album artwork(the desklet) can't place additional info like song/artist/album... ratings... control buttons... etc... so I have to do it all in avetunes which can't have reflection.... so there are 4 choices right now

1. move the control buttons to some place else

2. no more reflection in the album art

3. just place avetunes over the reflective album artwork

4. make the skin yourself doing things that will suit your needs

5. ???!!!????

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