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DiscMounter 0.1

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All works great, just it crash when I use a SD card in my laptop T_T

But everything else works amazing =3

Maybe it should look more like a big drive than a Shortcut, but works nice.

Keep it up!

Not sure what you mean by that? Please explain and I'll see what I can do. Also, I don't have any SD cards so I couldn't test against them. Glad to hear that everything else works for you though.

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Not sure what you mean by that? Please explain and I'll see what I can do. Also, I don't have any SD cards so I couldn't test against them. Glad to hear that everything else works for you though.

Ok n_n

I will try to explain some of the problems I´m having with some steps.

In the pictures I show whats its going on.

Step 1.- All is working very good, no error message, no bug, nothing, all clean =3

Step 2.- It recognized my hardware :)

Step 2.2.- Suddenly there is a mystic file with the same name than my Drive ( a supposedly "URL:File Protocol")

Step 3.- When I try to delete (the shortcut, not the unknown file) a error message appears

> Translate: "Cannot Delete File: Cannot read from source file or disk"

Misc Memory thing.- Just a last thing. It eat to much memory, I think it should be fixed =3

Thats all n_n






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Thaaaanks man! It is a great feature to emulate in the windows environment, makes it more easily to use the inserted media and keep a track of it! And of course, can you modify this: Make the icon of the inserted media special and no the typical with the shortcut? For instance, the old diskette "PC" icon present in the classic mac when a floppy was inserted... something that distinguishes it! thanks keep up the good work too :D

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When I first downloaded this I was happy for the few minutes then I turned my PC off then I turned on later on in the day to find that there seemed to be a problem with Frameworks and every time I tried to re-install it I got an error that denied the installation, will this have an optimistic solution?

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@123jester: You would have to describe the problem you're having in more detail. What error message are you receiving? Are you sure it was something to do with DiscMounter? Are you sure it's a framework problem? Also, you don't have to install DiscMounter so I don't know where you're getting the trouble of re-installing?

Sorry I can't be more help but without knowing all of the details I can't give you a solution to your problem.

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This is what I did:

1. Downloaded the software from here

2. opened the DiscMount.exe

3. turned off the computer

4. turned on the computer

5. a error message appeared stating that there a problem with DiskMount

6. Closed Diskmount

7. tried to "re-install it"

8. the program ceased to work after I clicked it

9. a error message appeared which closed the program automatically

10. deleted Diskmount and came here for help


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I hope this won't be viewed as a bump, and incidentally Vista does come with .NET Framework 2.0 installed, but I was wondering if this app can mimic OSX so that when a item such as a DVD is ejected from the PC, not only does the associated icon disappear from the desktop, but the other icons readjust themselves to fill in the empty space created where the (in this example DVD) icon had formally resided.

In other words, based on the screenshot by Husaini HB above, if the DVD was ejected and the DVD icon disappears, could this app make the Flash drive icon then slide up a space. And, further, if a DVD were re-inserted, could the DVD icon be returned to its previous place in the layout, i.e., above the Flash drive icon.

This is how OSX does it and would be a nice touch here.

(And by the way, I have not tried this app, so if it already includes this feature, pls pardon this post.)


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It does delete the icon from the icon when the DVD / CD is ejected and on the flip side, deleting the icon will eject the DVD / CD. Also, it 'should' remember where the icon was last and go back to that position when reinserted.

The only thing it won't do is slide the other icons up to fill the empty spot. I'll look into it and get back to you if I have time.

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Great work so far. Just three problems , 1) prefs wont save and have to be manually edited in notepad, 2) it would be nice not to have to close the popup window when the program starts and 3) there are some problems with the mounted drive icons lining up on the sides of the desktop.

Also is there any way to add an option to show the disk statistics (freespace etc) along with the drive voule label?

Win Vistax32 HP RC1

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Here is mine,this is happens all the time when I click preferences,and I can't get that CDDB,thank's Scranshaft

yo can you send me the flashdrive icon? also, my preferences have been saved, so far, it still says it can't save them, but when I click okay, my settings are updated.

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