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Your favourite forums

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what are your favourite online forums, blogs, comment places and why...

list say 5 if you can.

which ones do you frequent often?

Are you a member of any of them just to comment on blogs?

1- Aquasoft. this is home. I post in General discussion a lot, and know some random members.

I enjoy the overall community and find it supportive and humourous. You can discuss pretty much anything tech related, its fun.

2- Macthemes. I post here when I have trouble developing something in a theme or have a question. I dont frequent often.

3- Digg. I post occasional comments. not really a member place.

4- myspace. yep I have one. its grande... not one of those one with dodgy layouts, and packed with crap.

... thats about it for me.

I really should join some kind of hack/crack forum, but they're always so dirty and virus, spyware, porn ridden. know of any good ones?... I guess that cant be discussed here. maybe pm me.

EDIT- Mods...could u attatch a poll? once theres say 10 popular forums/etc that keep getting mentioned.

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My favourite places on the web? Erm....

1 - Ferrari Chat - Chatting with fellow fans and owners. I visit this place a lot.

2 - Photoshoped Up - I'm a mod here, so I typically visit a few times a day to try to keep it in decent working order.

3 - Aqua Soft - I visit this place often... probably not often enough.

4 - Beyond - Another great local car forum.

5 - Totse - I visit this super often, because it's awesome in every way.

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