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WMP Horizontal control panel


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Hey, so I'm new to samurize, but I'm interested, very much so.

I've been searching around the forum for a Windows Media Player controller, that is horizontal, small enough to go over just the bar on the top of any program (windows, or mac, which ever is smaller) that has, play,pause,next,back, shows the track, track number, and time of track...

It's really specific, I know, but I wanted to know A, if its already been done, and B, if not, where can I get a large database of simple tuts for creating something of the sorts, that has controls, even if its EXTREMELY simple, im talking, make a clock, for starters.

I have photoshop, I think im quite capable in that department, I just want to get something going, start something.

Can I get some help?

Thanks so much.


I figured out how to do most everything i need, only question, for my little bar to show the track name, number, time left artist, things of that nature, how can i get that all in one "Meter" as they call it, so they scroll as one?

I'll post it if it all works out :]

thanks again guys.

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