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What's in your closet?

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Careful, he might pull out his gun :D! And if Tom cruise won't come out of the closet, he might cap som b!tch :D!

that b1tch'll be you.

For god's sake, it's a simple poll. what do you like to wear? i honestly couldn't care less, just wanted to see what everyone here finds interesting in terms of clothing.

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7 long-sleeve mock-turtle (black)

7 faded blue jeans

7 pairs white tennis shoes

1 black suit in case of a wedding or funeral



Alright. Fine. You've suckered me in.

I have a lot of jeans. 2 pairs David Bitton, 1 Bluenotes and 1 Hilfiger. Also, a lot of band tees and other tee shirts.

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