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Ripper: daniel0619 on deviantart

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Everything I have posted, I got somewhere else, from someone else, ect... I will give credit to everyone by a link to where I got it from. And the reason for this is that I think their stuff is good enough to repost. So feel lucky if I have reposted it, but if the original author has a problem, I will be gladly handle it in a professional manner. Otherwise, keep your ripping comments to yourself.


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okay, guess us old guys use the dictionary definition of ripping. i.e.: ripping off, stealing. like if i posted a wall you made and said that i made it. so, i still don't get it. this daniel guy found some icons he likes. he says, 'hey, i like these. here's the guy who did them and here's his devart page.' if you guys consider that ripping, you're as bad as the riaa. seriously. so, the concept of 'links' on the internet should go away? what about quotes? what about fair use?

what about: maybe trazo is happy to have others like his work and link to his page? anybody ask trazo what he thinks?

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yeah, have to agree with shmengie on this one. Just a few issues or really differences in opinion.

IMO he should of just posted the screenshot with a link to the specific feature and a told people to fav the original artists' work (not that everyone does this). Of course if the original is down then maybe an upload is fine. In a way he's stealing fav/download counts from another deviant

If you don't have a paid account this is basically the only option to sort of feature a deviant's work that you really respect.

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The author of the AveDesk desklet SPECIFICALLY requested he remove it, but he "hid the comment".

i assume you're talking about perfumenk, right? why would he request that? how could anyone ever find anything without someone, somewhere linking to it. isn't 99.9% of the internet following links? perfumenk should get down on all fours and kiss daniel's feet for thinking enough of his work to link to him.

having said that, of course daniel should remove the link, if asked. what a d1ck!

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The user removed the ripped deviations. ;)

It's only considered "ripped" if you try and claim it as your own work. ;)

Clearly not the case here.

There's a difference between Linking or even Hosting copies of other people's work and claiming the work is your own.

So everyone needs to step off of their almighty pedestals and get over it already.

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