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Safari For Windows Mods

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Np, if you guys want keep the requests coming :) I'm bored haha

Alright so I'm working on another verion of making the buttons look like the iTunes ones do on Vista

Edit: Okay I have manged to do two things with the menubar, one is completely remove it with nothing left, and the next is make the menubars text completely transparent but the menubar is still there.

Was attempting to do one with the iTunes buttons but it won't work safari squishes the buttons down a lot


Safari Menubar Mods.zip


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I know this topic is pretty much deprecated, however, I'm wondering if you would be kind enough to share the original Mac OS X Tiger & Leopard traffic lights (close/min/max) in PNG format?

The one's I've dissected from the DLL file are trimmed on the right and left sides by 1px.

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