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I've used my friends Bose headphones, he has these.

I thought they were nice and they worked well as a monitor for drums, but then I tried the DJ1 headphones from Ultrasone.

Picked up the DJ1's from GuitarCenter for $130, (originally $170), got a bit of a discount but if you haggle the sales people you usually can.

I think the DJ1's have better bass and sound quality overall + they cancel noise better since they were made for DJ'ing. I use them as a monitor for drums or whatever.

If I had to recommend any, I'd say the DJ1's.

IMHO, you'd pay too much for the plastic BOSE.

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These three from senneheiser provide incredibly nice, clear sound


PX100.. "The" favourite headphones among many... open-eared headphones let some noise out and in, but it allows for a more natural sound. Also good if you like to stayed tuned into what's going around you, so you don't get hit by a truck or anything.

Theres also a PMX100 that's a behind-the-neck version of the same headphones.


HD 280PRO... Over-the-ear type.. more expensive than the px100, but amazing sound quality.


DJs HD202... Cheap alternative.. over-the-head phones, amazing sound and comfort for the price.

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WOW.. those are a whole lot of options i have.. certainly bose is known for having the best sound quality.. but it seems i dont have that much to spend because i m saving for my macbook.. but dude bapestar.. the skull candy headphones blew me off.. thats the best pair of headphoones i've seen(looks).. is the sound quality like the looks too.. cz if it is then i think the money is well worth it?.. and where can i get those in KUWAIT now?

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Umm well, it is definitely worth the money, If you don't have an iPod or a big library, i suggest the MFM Pro's, as they have a 1GB Flash integrated MP3 Player, for 169.95$. Don't know if that's within your budget, but i guarantee you'll love them. They combine great quality with great looks.

I don't know if there's a store in Kuwait. You could have a buddy ship it to you. ;)

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Yea, but all of these are hideously ugly. If you want to get something nice, pick up a pair of Skull Candy's.

Beautiful styles, great quality. I have 3 pairs of Skull Candy headphones and I really love them.

oh yeah.. I forgot this was aquasoft.. my bad >_>...

Its amazing the different kinds of reactions you get from different forums.

But anyways, I agree with it being kinda ugly.. not horrid, but not great looking either..... but as far as headphones go, I'd prefer sound quality/comfort any day.. which the sennheiser's excel at.. the pmx100 doesn't look quite as bad.. not great, but.. yeah.. still has great sound.

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dude.. as i told you before.. Thanks to you now that i know that skull candy is better than bose , and it has all thhe goodies but as i told before that i m still saving for my macbook and y'day i went to the apple store just to see stuff and the price of the current mac is dropped by 25 bucks = $ 70, when i asked why they said that macbooks with new configs are coming so they haf to drop the prices for the current one, then i decided that i will go with the new ones.. (ermm.. sorry for the off-topic thingy) which are slightly gonna be costly.. and they will be more costly when i buy them coz when i buy them they will have Leopard installed on them.(i think)

But hey when i get my macbook, i think i will buy one SC headpphones. Not being a jerk, my small bro got himself Genius HP-04 Live headphones, how are those? just curious, and how are those compared to mine?(the bose ones)

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