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OSX Spaces for Windows?

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Ballena, I've tryied the MS product a long time ago, but let's face it - it's just a wretched version of Spaces (you can't move windows from one desktop to another, you can't view all the desktops together).

soulitary - tryied it just before submit this my first post. It's buggy (some windows are visible everywhere, some not) and I don't need that cube effect - it's not comfortable to use it.

tonym130, can't get to link you've posted. Maybe servers are overload? I'll try later.

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I was quite impressed with VirtuaWin. As I recall you were able to specify profiles for which applications should open on which desktop. The way in which you allocate windows to desktops is a little counter intuitive, until you get the hang of it.

As much as I like YODM3D/Deskspace, they are not really desktop managers until they provide some way of actually managing the desktops, other than just flipping them around.

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I use a virtual desktop manager with all my oses. For windows I use Dexpot. It works with Windows 200O, XP, and Vista. Dextop is free.

With Dexpot I can do the following

1. Create up to 20 virtual desktops. Most virtual desktop managers in windows only allow you to create 4 virtual desktops.

2. Use it on a flash drive. The program does not need admin rights to run.

3. Get a full screen preview of all the virtual desktops in use

4 Use all the features of Mac expose in Windows.

5. Move windows from one desktop to the other using the keyboard mouse and desktop preview. Most virtual desktop managers for windows failed to move the command prompt. In Dexpot you can only the command prompt by keyboard shortcut.

6. Name each desktop.

7. Give each desktop a different set of desktop icons and background images.

8. Set applications to open on a specific desktop.

9. Change keyboard shortcuts for the indiviual functions of the application.

10 The user is able to escape the application if you need to. Example keyboard shortcut conflict between Dexpot and another program. The program will move all application windows to the current desktop. This helps to prevent lost application windows when the program closes.

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