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October '07 Desktops


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Guest swimhguy
Waiting in line for Leopard at the apple store...


where did u get that background/wallpaper?

Image snipped. I should ban you for screwing up a perfect month without one of these.

Luckily I misplaced my ban stick so, consider this a warning.SirSmiley

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@swimhguy... I made a package of hue adjustments to the original Aurora wallpaper... download at my dA: skateaddiction.deviantart.com << http://SkateAddiction.deviantart.com/art/A...papers-67813933 >> then follow the instructions @ dA or read on:

This is the aurora wallpaper included in Leopard but with adjustments to the hue... [[Mac Only]]- In System Preferences you can change the wallpaper to this folder and have the wall change every 5 seconds and it will seem as if the Aurora is glowing... Only available in 1280x800...

P.S. I could make it in 2560x1600 if you want...

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