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Vote for column view addon (for Findexer or any other)

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Nexplorer was quite a nice try although it is not stable.

Fidexer is a really nice app but it lacks (IMHO) Column view. Does anyone know or want it to have column view feature.


Finally we have found. UltraExplorer. http://www.aqua-soft.org/board/showthread.php?t=42165

But it needs to be customized. If Aqua-Soft community help to change it design, it will be the next great app since RKLauncher.


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nexplorer is a replacement bro,

u can implement lot of features when u write ure own app,

but trying to get into windows explorer...i think findexer as it is is a very difficult thing to make,

its highly unlikely that it could implement column view....

but hey....i'm definitely all for it.

maybe a new app like findexer which implements columns.

code GURUZ....what do u think....is it possible?

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here http://www.aqua-soft.org/board/showthread....t=UltraExplorer

to be more precise.

That program (UltraExplorer) has the architecture but it needs interface tweaks to look like Finder.

This is what I could make of it so far. It uses windows theme (which is good, coz it can be tweaked by windowblinds) and some built-in themes which i don't really like. Still it needs a number of tweaks to be like finder and be more accurate. However there is no option to do that. no way to change toolbar icons which is bad. The only way to change it is to contact the developer. So anyway the architecture is done. Now its time to tweak the design.


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I tried to point out tweaks that could be done in oder to make Ultra explorer look like finder

have a look.

Maybe im wrong but check configuraton of Ultra Explorer, some features can be disable (closed) and ultra explorer after exit saves the configuration.

Sorry my english.

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