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Urgent PC failure!

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I really need some help on this one, it is really important.

I have a socket 775 processor. It is a celeron D 3.336GHz. I installed it in my recently purchased ASUS motherboard. But, I lacked a fan. So, using Gorrilla Glue, I glued on a fan, designed for another processor.

All worked well, until I got it home (I was at a friends house beforehand; which the computer was working for about 20 minutes before I left). I got home, plugged in all my peripherals, and plugged in the PSU.

It started up, and I decided to pop in an Ubuntu LiveCD. It loaded the kernel, then the PC shut off. It just...shut off.

Same thing with my Vista install DVD. Then my XP CD. Then, I tried not booting anything, just leaving it there hanging. Same thing. After a few seconds, it then too shut off the PC.

Then, I took off the Heatseak + Fan, and took out the CPU. I cleaned off all the Gorrilla Glue off the heatsink. (It was glued to the top of the CPU...)

I put the CPU back on the mobo and placed the heatsink + fan on top. I turned on the computer. Now, just a black screen. Nothing.


So, looking back at how stupid I was in the beginning, I just sat there in disgust with myself. $140 out the window. Now, I need to re-purchase the whole damn thing.

Now I'm not going to be stupid and make a makeshift cooling unit. I'm gonna spend the money on the real deal.

Here was the purpose of the thread...Is the PC saveable? Does there still linger hope?

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If you had a damaged motherboard it could have damaged your cpu, and by putting that cpu into a new mobo you may have killed that as well. I've done it a few times >_>

Chances are if it worked after you installed the mobo that isn't the case....

It could be your PSU. Try putting in a new PSU and seeing if thats the issue.

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i had i simalar problem a while back, the problem was that the computer would seem to turn on fine, than start to boot and then it would shut down. What was happening, was, when ever i closed the case one of the top fan cables would get stuck in the cpu fan, causing it to overheat. So try booting without the front cover. It may be your problem or not, but its worth a try.

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Guest Yami Bakura
If this doesn't work, I'm taking the rest of the money and buying a Mac.

If you need a new computer now, buy the Mac now. If you can wait, I suggest waiting until Leopard before buying a Mac.

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I dont need a Mac laptop; thats already covered.

I don't really want a Mac desktop because the iMac and Mac Mini are hard to expand, and the Mac Pro is expensive.

I want to try a Mac Desktop; now that I've witnessed the power of the portables.

PS: hopefully the fan will work, and stop it from overheating. If that works, how do I tell if there is any leftover damage?

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If you need a new computer now, buy the Mac now. If you can wait, I suggest waiting until Leopard before buying a Mac.

Sorry Sir, but you are annoying :/

He came here to have help with his PC. I'm sure he had figured the "buy a Mac" option by himself.


I already had CPU cooling problems (noa pplying the thermal past well :/) the cpu just halted, nothing fried. So I think you have like 85% chance nothing is damaged.

Now before remplacing the cooler you could try to open the case like said upper or search for an burned smell. I had one on my motherboard, the cpu fried :/ (Well 2 years after it sudently started to re-work xD) But that was beacause the case was closed in an non ventilated area.

Just look for black traces (like something burnt) or burnt smell (again like something burnt)

Or when you will start the computer, it may tell you "ZOMG BIG ERROR !!! Press F1."

Don't worry about the transistors and all. the cooling system for my CPU scratched the protection couch on them, now it seems taht they are dead but everything works. Never had a problem with an ASUS motherboard and it's my #1 choice for all the pc I build.

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If you build another computer then buy the cooling system anyway, you can reuse it (make sure you will get the same socket ;))

My vote : If you want to build another PC, check the socket and try to get an ASUS motherboard (don't change, ASUS rocks :P) with the same socket and the right processor. Then if your current PC is dead and have the money to buy a new one you will save the cooling system wich can sometime be expensive.

One line message : Check for compatibility with upgrade possibility and buy the cooling system.

Also if I were you, I wouldn't turn on my computer without proper cooling one more time. Just to be on the safe side.

BTW, by no POST message, you mean no beep sound ? It could be that the cpu isn't detected (some bios display a message and allows you to force it by pressing F1). Without any Thermal Paste I think that it would heat so quick that you won't even be able to hear it power up.

I don't think glue is good for the cpu, make sure you clean it and all, put Thermal Pase (Artic Silver is good but expensive, Thermal Paste usually comes with the cooling system ;) )

I had an incorrectly pasted CPU and was able to enter the BIOS and Component Watch menu (had to be real quick) and saw the number doing 50->70->90->Boom computer turned off.

From experience it seems that the only way to destroy an cpu in our days is to start up and remove the heatsink in the fly. The CPU will burn the motherboard and jump (theres a video on Google Video with crazy guys doing that)

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Welp; I bought a laptop. Yes, another. How much? $0. Thats right, $0.

AMD (ugh...oh well) Sempron 1.8GHz


ATI (ugh again....again oh well...) Integrated Graphics (so the OS only gets 86*MB RAM.)

Came with Vista Basic; Installing Home Premium, XP, and Ubuntu now.


well I sure as hell perfer it over nothing!

I just hope I can get Beryl installed with Ubuntu since its using ATI.

Still, if I can get the other PC going, it would be splendid :).

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Hopefully the binary ATI drivers have improved. We'll find out (talking on Vista on my new lappy as we speak :)).

If not, I will buy a PCI-e nVidia and use that so I don't have to share my RAM, either :D.

ATi's drivers are far more superior than nVidias. The only time i've heard that nVidia's drivers are..... "somewhat ok" are when using an 8 series card.

I haven't tried their drivers in awile as i'm using ATi now, but a friend of mine described every single bug with the nVidia display drivers that I had 5 months ago..... :X

But yeah, a videocard that doesn't steal from system ram should be mandatory. :P

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