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Uh.. sorry.. dont know why...

I hope this link works much better ;)


So there are some news above...

Thx, now I can see it. Have u info about relase time?? Thx

Hope that Rhino theme comes for WB or VS someday.It looks so great!

d-lab, could you please send me Rhino icon set ?


Thanks!! ;)

I hope me too. mail send bro

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  • 6 months later...
You can find in HollywoodGui,Sorrento

Yes I know about HGui but I already tried to register and I was denied, they also have the OB theme and FF theme on that site, sucks I guess.

To Zephi: When you make something good, in this case Rhino, you know people are going to want it and drool over it so by putting NFR you'll make them suffer.xDD

If a HollywoodGui member wants to hook me up, be my guest ^^

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