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Buying An iMac, Wait For Leopard To Be Released?

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I'm just about to back to Uni after summer and thinking of buying an iMac.

In the UK Apple store, students are getting discount and a free nano until Oct 30th.

When is Leopard being released? Am i correct in saying that the current operating system is Tiger? If i bought an iMac now and Leopard was released in a few months would i be entitled to a free upgrade or is Leopard simply an update via download?

I'm looking forward to buying a Mac, i have used Mac's at college before and love them. At home i have only ever had Windows and Ubuntu as an operating system.

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Guest Yami Bakura

Get the iMac with Leopard. Leopard is the first system that's meant for Intel Macs. Tiger wasn't meant for Intel Macs, Tiger was just a port to the Intel architecture. You won't get the full performance out of Intel Macs with Tiger. Get the iMac with Leopard pre-installed.

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