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Tiger for Vista?


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Well, no.

Vista MSStyles can't get the centered title yet (or couldnt before I switched to wb :(

this is true for the aero version of the vista visual style, but the basic one can have centered title .

about brushed theme :

in 1 or 2 months i will give my final and last work for vista , with vertical sparator of 9 pixels [i have made my beta version on my pc] see screenshots of it [there are some of them on the instrution place of the text] http://zeusosx.deviantart.com/art/Down-to-Earth-97757100 , for now you can use an older theme i made http://zeusosx.deviantart.com/art/ZEUS-os-...-Vista-86321979 and remember i dont allow any modifications of my work. This is 2 years continious work of searching code of vista,[there are still things not explored , as the behaviour of aero style, thou there is made some progress to this also]

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