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I am leaving. [Epic Thread]

Guest Yami Bakura

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Guest Yami Bakura
Im out this thread is epic i had so much fun and some great laughs ty NC,Gnome,SM,Tim for letting this go it was alot of fun the most laughs ive had in a long time of to bed now cheers... Night all.

Nobody will forget this thread. Good night. Have nice dreams.

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Guest Yami Bakura
WOW! This thread has the second highest number of replies in just matter of few hours.

uber cool!

I logged out for a while but logged back in later. I just relaxed and I am fine.

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You guys are a pathetic bunch. Here you are agonizing over a thread as silly as this just because everyone is waiting for a miracle to happen (for windoze that is). Look what you just did. You all wasted almost half an hour of my precious time just to read this useless (albeit hilarious) thread...

I'm Leaving!!!

(for now...) :D

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Jeeze, was yesterday "International Raise Your Post Count" day? You people are, what's a kind word.... eccentric.

I'm not sure I can hang around a place with such crazy antics. Shame too, 'cause I had another icon package to release too; but oh well, who needs another...

::looks in folder::

Currently 60+ icons. Nobody here even likes icons! ::rolls eyes::

Oh well!

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I've just popped in to say a couple of things... let him go quietly why don't ya.. unless he's changed his mind and is staying thanks to the uber rapid nature of this thread... To anyone else thinking of leaving... good bye!

Sorry I'm late... I've been away.

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Wow, this thread has got a lot of attention. My words of advice would be don't leave. It's a shame that there has been some kind of abuse that has affected you that much, but I think leaving isn't the best idea. There really are some great people on this forum.

Perhaps when this kinda stuff happens just take a bit of a break. There really are very, very few (if not, none!) hated members on this forum, and it would be sooo hard to become one.

You're always welcome here. Everybody is. It would be a shame to have a valued member leave.


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When I first saw someone here say "YuGiOh"

I believed it was pronounced:



Then came google, where I searched and got tons of Toys R Us replys, and some anime porn which just made me die a little...no...a lot.. inside.

A few search results down came the timeline throughout the like trillion series. About 30 seconds later, i nearly fell asleep on my keyboard (being nearly 3AM), it was just boring..

Out of curiosity I headed to Youtube.

Someone before said poorly drawn anime? This made my night. Just plain ol' hilarious.

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My god...

Okay folks, I'm glad you've had your fun. More importantly, I'm glad Yami Bakura is no longer crazy emotional. However, it is now time that this epic thread be laid to rest, like many other important figures in our lives (I'm thinking of you, Stormy the black dog).


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