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Platinum Pro Reborn

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Hello my good friends.. if I still have any here :P

Before you say anything, I know what your thinking. " Oh look another platinum pro thread! How of them have we seen and nothing released!? " We'll the answear to that is quite simple. I admit I was getting a bit lazy with the whole set.. but! Something really unexpected happend quite a few months ago. My laptop got hacked into and everything I had on it was completely gone! Yes ya heard.. GONE!

Which then leads to this.. me starting from scatch with a new design, not very original you might think but I really needed to make something more simple this time. The other set was simply too hard for me to finish, I didnt have that kind of experience to make such a jaw dropping set and release it.

I am going to give everyone the opportunity to try this one folder icon just so I can get some feedback as to how it looks in various desktops. :)




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Dude, sorry about the laptop getting hacked. Kids these days have nothing better to do other than messing with people over the internet.

I like the redesign; the gradients (though, maybe a little too bright?), highlights, shadow, et cetera. Though, the stroke seems a little too strong and kinda makes it less photo-realistic.

Edit: Oooo. I love the brushed metal one. Nice blue glow.

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ZOMG; another Platinum Pro thread! Stupid Vic, always teasing us :mad: :P

I loved the original Platinum Pro concept, and I totally agree on it not being original; but they're your icons. Wiz is right about the gradient being a little too bright.

Do you plan on using badges or objects?

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