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How do you make websites?

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I’m only asking because my friends would like to make there own site. But when we are four friends discus about career then one of them tell me I want to make my career as a web designer he also tell me one site web design where he getting knowledge about web design that sites also making websites, It would be very nice but I want to know more about how people make own website can you help me?????

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Buy a domain

Find a web host

Learn at least the HTML basics

The design process is up to the designer.. you can draw it out, whatever... You can use notepad to code the site, or use a program such as dreamweaver.

HTML's enough to build a personal website, but as a profession, you'll need to educate yourself further in coding and design.

You can get a site hosted for free with webhosts such as www.freewebs.com, but with limitations.

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Even though I can write code in plain text, I still use Dreamweaver. Why? It autocompletes tags, saving loads of time. It has a lot of great Find + Replace tools. It's got a lot of integration. If you're on a Mac, I'd also recommend downloading Smultron. It's a great, free, HTML/CSS/PHP/Javascript/Perl/anything-else-you-throw-at-it editor. Highly recommended.

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