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The Week Project 2 - 30 walls, daily releases


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Do you remember The Week Project?

Well, this time I'm starting the release of The Week Project 2 on deviantART. For the WHOLE MONTH. This means, you will get one wallpaper per day, 30 walpapers at the end of the month.

Stay tuned to my gallery each day to get the daily releases.

So far I've released 2 out of 30 walls:



I hope you like these! And stay tuned on the updates!

1 wallpaper per day, until this month finishes. Yeah, I'm crazy.



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this is a really great idea...

But i presume u already have a couple of walls in stock...

Because it's a lot pics i mean to the end of the month...that's 26???


10 more walls and I'll get finished the whole pack :D I'm making a collab work with many talented photographers on deviantart, so that saves me from the stock images issue

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