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Nifty Google Easter Egg


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I won't tell you what it is, but people probably have figured it out. To see it, download Google Earth 4.2 Beta, and press ctrl+alt+a (repeatedly if it does nothing at first). This also works on a mac, but press ctrl and alt equivalents (erm motorway intersection thing and option)..

if you just can't wait to find out what it is, highlight below...

Google Earth 4.2 now has a flight simulator. See me trying to fly into the empire state below

don't touch this

or this

and keep the first few comments...vague

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You know what sucks?? When you use office/school/university connections, and there are usually those services are set to provide more "safety" by blocking the access to undesired web sites (the "black list").

What can you do? Use Google translator service (language tools) as a proxy to bypass the restrictions! Here is how:

You just need to type the following URL:


(www.forbiddensite.com stands for the URL you need to go to)

What you'll get is the translation (english to english) of the page you want to see & your connection is directed to a google.com page so this page won't be blocked (would be blocked only with google.com on the black list), no matter what's the content.

Notice that the URL has been a little hacked because the parameter "langpair" is set to "en|en" (english/english) so the page is processed by Google but you can keep the original language of the page (no need to translate).

If you need another language (e.g. french) you just need to set the parameter langpair to "fr|fr" and you'll be able to read french pages in french, or en|fr to make english pages, like aqua-soft, become french... best of all, it leaves no "flags" other than google.com... give it a shot, but don't yell at me if you get fired for surfing porn at work... :-)

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