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Free Retail PC Games (Legal)

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I would have posted this in the news forum, but decided against it because it wasn't related to anything Apple.

Anyways, four retail games have been released by their developers for free.

The first three are from Ubisoft, and were released onto FilePlanet (which requires a subscription, but it won't be too long until we get alternate links): FarCry, Rayman Raving Rabbids, and Prince of Persia: Sands of Time. The above games are supported by ads however.

The fourth game is from EA/Westwood - Command and Conquer Gold. This has been released as freeware.


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You can become a memeber of fileplanet for free though...when registering you see a page with price plans...at the bottom you click the 'no thanks' link did it just now....though im in a fat queue, currently in 412th place out of 500...i have 40mins to wait

edit: bloody thing started downloading and failed on 236mb out of 2gb...and it said it was going to take 18 hours to download....fileplanet suck...im gonna have to try again ooh 373rd place...things better be looking up or im gonna reach for my shotgun and go for a round of ceiling painting, cos this is just plain stupid :P lol

edit2: :angry: i downloaded the thing and it took so long and then it told me i had to also sign up to ubi.com as well, and guess what? The game is only playable for people in the US. Damn Farcry what a pile of crap this system is...makes me want to download it illegally. I had made an 'backup' copy of it a long time ago but i never kept it. I can live without this game i guess.

edit3: Hmmm well i've edited the login profile so it says im from america (lol how wierd) so its installed now. I wonder if the patches will work on this version.

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Um i found a way to get rid of the ads in the Farcry game. All it requires is for you to install a really cool mod pack called K9 Vision 1.1 which is a nearly complete overhaul of all the graphics and features of the game. Huge improvement. Though i think they should have left the weapons looking as they were.

The installer is 389mb though but you can download it pretty quickly if you find a fast mirror or something off of google. Im gonna try and find another mod pack for the weapons to revert their textures :P

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