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All iTunes Versions!!

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awesome find... welcome to Aqua Soft.

Wish I'd found this before I started skinning itunes 7... the last itunes 6 was the bomb, before they screwed up the 'look'.

but now that I've skinned it, I dont think I could live without 7's features (coverflow etc).

This site is awesome!

Not only does it have prior versions of itunes, it also has prior versions of tons of other apps.

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Just curious, how did you skin iTunes 7?

aww that wasnt a very thought out comment of mine;

I believe itunes 7 can be skinned using the latest multiplugin (?), I know itunes 6 can be- because I've created skins for it.

But I was mainly meaning itunes 7 under OSX.... I used themepark to create a shapeshifter theme which featured an itunes 7 skin.

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