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Cant download Mplugin

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im downloading "itunes 7 +MP" (becouse i curently dont have itunes instaled becouse i had 7.3 so i removed it and was going to install 7 but i desided to just instal the 1 with the mp)


(6minutes left)




(95% yay almost there)



"windows has found a problem with this file.

name: iTunes+MP.exe

publisher: Unkown Publisher


this file was blocked becouse it douse not have a valid digital signature that verifies its publisher. what is a digital signature?



thats what it said

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//Posts Removed.

Okay, read the rules. Posting seven times in a row is definitely not allowed. Also, a browser is a piece of software that lets you navigate the WWW ... in your case, you're using Internet Explorer.

Found this on another forum...

Try checking under Internet Explorer advanced options - Security. See if you have an option to: Allow software to run or install even if the signature is invalid.

I strongly advise you to read the rules, to which there is a link in my signature...


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