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Power Mac G3

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PowerMac G3:

Maximum Processor - PowerPC 750 (G3) @ 450MHz

Maximum OS - Latest release of OS X

--OS X Tiger is available for PowerPC machines at the Apple Store or Best Buy

--AFAIK you can't upgrade the processor since they no longer are for sale...obviously.

Maximum RAM - 1GB; 4 slots, PC100 3.3v, unbuffered, 8-byte, non parity 168pin SDRAM

Minimum RAM Speed - 125MHz (8ns)

--Crucial does good with selling RAM.


3 - 33MHz, 1 - 66MHz PCI slots

3 or 4 3.5" ATA drive bays, 1 optical drive bay, 1 Zip 100 bay

--Basically you can upgrade to probably nViida GeForce...they get pretty high to around 512MB, which will work in PCI.

--You can upgrade the optical and Zip to whatever you'd like....read below for Hard Drive.

HD Bus: Ultra ATA/33 (ATA-4); EIDE

NO LARGE DRIVE SUPPORT! (Maximum of 128GB per drive) This is a big bummer IMO.

No Airport, No Bluetooth, No serial, No SCSI....Ouch, but maybe won't be so bad. I'm sure they'll have drivers for a Linksys adapter or something...Probably Bluetooth as well.

So, in the end the machine won't be too bad, but keep in mind, it is Obsolete in Apple's eyes.

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Phantom.. MM3 whatever hes calling himself these days is assuming your getting a Later Blue and White G3...

If you really want to know what types of G3 'Power Mac' you may be getting and the upgrade possibilities I would strongly suggest this:


Available for Windows and OSX

I could sit here and type the information or copy and paste a load like below.. but its always worth doing a bit of work yourself :D

Also I wouldn't throw a lot of money at it as its an old machine so I wouldn't bother going to 'Crucial' chances are if you have any old PC133/100 (Providing it is the B&W G3) ram knocking about it may work in it... worst that will happen when you put it in is it will beep lots when you turn it on..

If your being given it heres your chance to have a mess take stuff a part see what you can do...not often you get a chance to do that with a Mac to damn risky normally.

Or strip the internals, sell on ebay, use the case as a PC case and build a PC in Mac clothing.... thats always fun

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