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New Leopard Screenies


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Guest Yami Bakura

Apple is making Mac OS X more "space" like and that's good. I can't wait until the final version. I think the Cover Flow scrollbars would look better with that background than the iTunes 7 scrollbars. So Apple might still make Cover Flow (black glossy) scrollbars standard through the entire system and that would look better for a space theme than iTunes 7 scrollbars. The iTunes 7 scrollbars look better on the Grass Wallpaper Leopard previously had.

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Hmmmm... I don't know how I feel yet.

The transparent black menu bar is changed to a transparent white one (really no big surprise since they always change it around before the final release).

The stoplight glyphs are terrible. They can do better than that. It looks like a cheap Overlay PhotoShop layer.

The "Cold Steel" is growing, but I am not to the point which I would like it to be the default look. Hopefully, there is still a lot of work to do in the GUI department.

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Is it me or does the apple on the top finder bar look.... off?
I guarantee you that the Finder bar will be revised again. Remember Tiger's blue end-cap bar? Apparently, they can never get it right until their 13th time revising it.
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Guest Yami Bakura
Also, is the space wall the new default one?

Yep and I hope it will stay that way. I actually think the Space Wallpaper is pretty cool and will be good for the eyes (less eyestrain).

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*takes a short glance and hides under a table.*


*slowly surfaces to take another look*

IS it me or have they made the top left of the menubar/taskbar non-transparent and grey?!?

thats really bad.

But dont worry folks! as soon as I get leopard and as soon as shapeshifter becomes leopard native I will be porting my illuminous theme!

It works fantastic with coverflow in itunes, and would make a fantastic accompanyment to coverflow in leopard's finder etc!



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