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CD Art Display 1.0 (24Aug2007)

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CD Art Display 1.0 (24Aug2007)

CD Art Display is a skinnable application that shows the now playing song cover on your desktop. It's an addon that fully works with AlbumPlayer, Helium Music Manager, iTunes, Winamp, Windows Media Player, MediaMonkey and partially supports qmp, MP3Toys, musikCube and foobar2000 (Winamp API Emulator plugin).

History note

The first CD Art Display alpha was released in 25Feb2005. It was just for Winamp and that's why it was named Winamp CD Case (WCC) back then. The case was just a bmp file and folder.jpg was the only option for a local cover.

After more than 2 years CD Art Display 1.0 is a bit better, stable and supports more players.

That's all. Today, 24Aug2007, is the official CD Art Display 1.0 release!! :)

What's new?

- New engine: mirror, rotation, shear, round corners, blend and cover transition

- New toolbar with repeat and shuffle support

- New player volume

- New Panel and extended panel feature

- New text soft shadow and scrolling features

- New seek/progress bar feature

- New mixed progress bar

- New lyrics viewer

- New rating and custom text rating

- New skin appearance settings

- New skin Styles

- New context menu

- New Options and Skin Editor instead Control Panel

- Added Helium player support

- Improved stability

- Fixed bugs


- Windows Vista or Windows XP

- Visual Basic run-time 6 SP6

- Visual Basic run-time 5 (just if you're using Windows Vista)


Full setup: cad1setup.zip - 1.03MB

Main executable (*): cad1.zip - 0.76MB

(*) copy "Default" skin into CAD "Skins" subfolder


Check Skin Gallery at CD Art Display forum so you can test all new features.




I'd like to thank you all for support CAD in any way.

Specially I'd like to thank OtisBee for all his ideas and help regarding all new features.


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I already know it and I like it so much.

Xion support is a feature of 2.0?

Not planned yet.

amazing! One thing can i save the downloaded lyrics to my itunes lyrics section of each song, if not any program recomendations?

I can take a look if it's possible to do.

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