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J for Vista

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J for Vista


"Probably the most complete Vista visual style in the world ";)

Okay... so here you've got my latest project I've been working on for the last... month? Yeah...

I redesigned near 100% of the images...

It's inspired by iTunes, Leopard, Safari and other Apple apps... :)

I will appreciate any comments or favs :)

Click the image for deviation

Icons featured in the screenshot:

Blend For IconPackager

Massive Media Icons-Win


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.5 License


This vs is dedicated to my dear Angel...

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"Probably the most complete Vista visual style in the world "

That's probably not so far from the truth. This really is great work especially considering how early we are as far as vista skinning goes. Having said that the theme is in desperate need of some more colours IMHO.

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so, under vista, how does one use this? do i need windowblinds for vista?


whew! after a full day of googling, i got this going. i had no idea there was a patched uxtheme for vista. guess i been to busy skinning my blackberry. anyways...

awesome, thx! very nice and clean and awesome.

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