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6th Generation iPod Release

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I have a prediction. I believe that apple has been delaying the release of their 6th gen ipod, so in the coming months they will release the next ipod,this is what i have been needing, this time line shows the release of all the past ipods. They have been released in yearly increments, Exept for the 6th generation ipod which has skipped almost 2 years now. Yea, the nano and suffle were released, but where's the new ipod. If anyone could confirm this prediction, that would be great, because i need a new ipod and i don't want to buy one that will be released in the next few months

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There was a thread on here that predicted all Apple Release (computers included) but i don't have a link.

The 6G iPod is rumored to be a full screen downgrade from the iPhone. It will have pretty much have all of the iPhone capabilities, except for the obvious ones. It will also come in a new 120GB hard drive (maybe even flash drive). I can't wait, but i know the price is gonna be a bit higher than usual.

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The new iPods will probably come out in September or October. They would probably need iTunes 8.

and they could do a revamp of the itunes 'look' while they're there :P

(get rid of those pastelly scroll bars....eww.... bring on illuminous! or at least restore aqua. But thats not going to happen. Why? because iLife 08 already follows in itunes 7's footsteps)

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I hate it. I think they just release that as a new iPod not an iPod Video, Nano or Shuffle. Just make a new product line (is that what it is called?). I like how the nanos are small. That was the point. A small iPod, with a screen and better harddrive than the shuffle.

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Here are new rumors for you, found them on macrumors.com:

"Appleinsider claims that Apple will be holding a media event "in mid to late September" to unveil OS X based iPods -- bringing OS X to its entire product line.

The rumor site expects "as many as four new models" many of which will utilize NAND flash memory, as well as the long awaited "full screen iPod".

Sources in the Far East -- where Apple manufacturers its digital music players -- have recently vouched for sightings of a "full screen" iPod, which they believe will finally make its debut ahead of this year's holiday shopping season.

Appleinsider also confirms that the leaked interface videos consisted of genuine material for use on a click-wheel based iPod, also bringing in features such as iLife '08 "Events", and CoverFlow to the iPod interface.

Also, they teasingly mention the possibility of a new family of digitial devices due in 2008 also based on OS X. No details have are available on these upcoming devices.

The upcoming iPod revisions have been the focus of many recent rumors, with the most recent Nano images pulled from various sites at the request of Apple Legal."

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Those NANOS seen on rumour sites are NOT REAL.

- my final words. Bet ya a million monopoly $$$.

They just look ... wrong. Apple wouldnt make something so shameful looking.

Look at the current iPod nanos, they are beautiful. They're a recent release and are selling like hot cakes, Apple would not want to update them anytime soon.

I do find it interesting that the Apple legal team got involved though.

Which makes me think they are definately going to release something iPod related. I see a brushed metal ipod in the works- possibly similar to the current Nanos in style or following the new iMac/iPhone style. And yeah quite likely a touch screen or... maybe not (why release an iphone competiitor?)

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