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Get a free ipod nano? or wait for Leopard?

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I'm planning on buying a Macbook or MBP soon but there's a decision i have to make: should i buy the laptop before the end of September to get a free Ipod nano (because i'm a college student) or shoud I wait for October to get the Leopard along with the laptop?

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Well, what I'm thinking so far is that i should take the free Ipod because If I believe that the price of Leopard will be the same as the current Tiger (approx 150$ CAN/ 130$ USD), it would be for more advantaged to get the free ipod nano 4gb (approx 230$ CAN / 200$ USD). I guess i can always upgrade from Tiger to Leopard later when I will have managed to get enough money right?

I hope that my supposition for the Leopard price will be true :P and that my decision is good.

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