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UPDATE: Saturday, August 04, 2007

I've now included the com object. It will register/unregister the dll when you run/close it. The download may be bigger but, it's the same size. The dll is now compiled within the exe.

If I don't release it now than I most likely won't. It needs some attention from some better skinners?

Hint, hint.

Click on the pic to go to the deviation:

Update: You now can register/unregister the com object from the right click menu. This must be done before dropping any images. Also fixed the first load issue. The Aqua skin is the default skin;so, don't delete that folder.

Note: This works for png's only.



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When you drop the ImageMagik.dll on the regsvr.vbs file do you get a message saying registering succeeded?

Do you have admin rights? That error code indicates most likely you tried to register a com object without admin rights. My only immediate thought is to download the ImageMagik package with includes a different com object that references all the various dlls plus includes tonnes of command line tools.

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Here's the link to the full ImageMagik package. Choose which one is best for your system and install it. Make sure you choose to include the com object when you install.

My dll was compiled on XP & I'm not sure if that might be the problem but, it is suppose to be Vista Compatible.

Edit: Sorry. Here's the link-->http://www.imagemagick.org/script/binary-r...ses.php#windows

Make sure you get a package with the dll in it.

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Ah crap. I forgot that. It's a coding issue I was too lazy to fix.

Short explanation. I didn't include any built in images, so, on first load it will look for the settings file to pick the skin, which has my settings probably. Right click on the tray icon and choose a skin to immediately fix this.

In my first post I've also attached another way of registering the com object for anyone with a problem installing it.

The reasons I didn't build in automatic registering of the dll is:

1. I use the command line versions from script & assumed others probably do.

2. Allowing people to see what is added.

Edit: Ghostwalker, that is strange because I'm running mine from a C:Programming subdirectory.

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No offense Smilez, but i think you maybe should of waited till tomorrow to check out all these bugs.

Did you have any testers for it?

I'm not calling you're work lazy...you know what i mean right?

No offense but, technically there's only one bug specifically related to the app. Which I forgot about. That's the first load skinning issue.

The rest really is because some people don't understand how to install a com object. Which is usually done by the install app.

Guess I could have put it into a nice bloated install package?

What I will do is fix the first load issue & add the install/uninstall com option to the right click menu. That's mainly because of what I said before about interfering with systems that have ImageMagick installed.

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