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Leech off someone else's Internet or buy an AirPort Extreme?

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I live near a Wi-Fi hotspot area and I receive the signal from a web called "WebSTAR". Basically, I have free internet ;) but there's a problem: the WebSTAR signal is very low so most of the time and struggling to keep receiving the signal. I've also been thinking of buying the AirPort Extreme of Apple, but in Mexico is really expensive. The question is, should i keep using the WebSTAR signal or should I buy the AirPort Extreme?:slant:

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I like how stealing programes and movies is such a forbiden thing, yet no ones shunning "Free Internet" :P (buy the AirPort)

Because free internet isn't stealing. Some places have vast free WiFi networks that are for public use.


As for you, Quube, I'd see if the money it costs for the AirPort is what you value your frustration at.

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Ok, I'll try to covince my parents about buying me the AirPort. The problem is not that it's expensive, but in the city I live there is only one mac store and for example, you have to pay it all at one shot. Is like buying a car, they cost a lot of money but you get the chance to buy it cuz you pay a certain amount of money a month.

And anyways, that's not stealing internet. I live near a hotel called Fiesta Inn and their signal is for public use.

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If u live in America i would consider invading other ppl's privacy/property and that's a crime :) [joking], like gnomexp said i think u should better off getting a NETGEAR- RangeMax or Linksys they're much cheaper & work as good as an Airport Extreme that's just a matter of a name.

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I had a netgear router and anytime I did anything network intensive it crashed.

So, I was using my mac mini for a couple of days and just got a fon router being sent to me in the mail.

There are a couple bad WPN824's (my router) but from what I understand most are good.

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