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Universal iChat Uberness

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I shared this idea is with a another fellow mac/ aqua-soft user eariler on today who claimed he didnt know such an idea was possible so i figured id share it with the rest of you ichat users incase you didnt no as well.

Anyways the idea was turning ichat into an almost universal IM client where you can talk to all your freinds no mater what IM service they use to chat on.

BTW this isnt my idea and its been round for a while serval years in fact ever since tiger came out along with ichat 3.0. Anyways without further delay here i is :-


these are other links are some screen shots showing the chaos you have to indure of adding such things to ichat.



Also if this isnt in the right spot im sorry i never know where to post last time i posted in the wrong area i almost got punished for it so i hope i got it right :D

Hope this is useful have fun ^_^

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glad you find it useful and i hope others do too

BTW if anyone reading this hasnt gathered by my screen shots that audio/video and file transfering arent possible when talking to non apple suported IM's but ichat client lists and your other lists dont merg so its still nicely deved into lists of people who can use thoughs things and people who cant

If any makes any sense ^_^

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