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Another Objectbar help thread. Just goes to show how user-unfriendly a program can be >.>


As you see, I have a problem with the view of the text on the bar. But the text in the menues are fine. What I'm wondering is why the text in the menu bar is so choppy, while text the drop-down menues are fine. Anyone have a solution?

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Update: I reinstalled Objectbar (1.6) and the font showed up like on a Mac for a little while, but then all of a sudden, it went back to looking fat and choppy, like in the image below. I'm using Lucida G, and I didn't do anything to make it change back, it kind of just did. The first part of the image is my desktop, and the second is a real Mac desktop, which my font looked like for a short amount of time.

Anyone know what's up with it?

EDIT: It seems it has something to do with Quicktime. Odd.


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No offense TylerDurden, but as far as problems with OB go, including displaying fonts, this Board has seen far worse examples. At least in the images you post I can't see much of a difference between yours and OSX, albeit the latter appears a bit thinner. Now it may look different when actually viewing your screen, but Lucida fonts -- or any fonts for that matter -- are never going to look the same on Windows as they do on a Mac; they render them differently.

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