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[request] Kazaa Idownload Skin

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so, i´m looking for the iDownload skin for Kazaa. and yes, i used the search-engine, but all i get, is a link to aquaxp, that do not work. can someone help me out?

in that "old" thread" there is the speech about a iDownload-skin by JonnyBravo. well, never saw it, therefore i just ask for any great skin. ;)

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Originally posted by Dynasty Illusions@Aug 7 2003, 07:31 AM

Hmmm... I downloaded this cool kazaa lite skin and how do I apply it.  I put all the files of the kazaa skin in my kazaa skin folder and opened kazaa, and went to the skin tab in options but nothin is there. Please help?

By what you say, have you kept it in its folder? If not it won't be recognised by the program. Btw iDownload is better imo.

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i downloaded kazaa lite k++ and i installed it and when i go to scearch all i get is scearch finished without any result but kazaa lite works fine on my computer and the iexchange skin does not work on kazaa lite can someone help me wit both problems :jerry: :biker: :bond: :mr_cool: :southpark: :timmie: :goku's job:

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