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I would change the font on the text, "Best Sites," (in the green orb) to a stronger san-serif font (ie: Arial, Verdana, etc.). On the navigation bar to the right, maybe make the rollover image black instead of the dark blue/violet as that seems to be the only blue/violet color on the site.

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In my opinion, I'd prefer the green color to be.. more green, a stronger green you know?

Also, just like Godmic said, use sans-serif font for your titles, some round font. Another suggestion is to put the logo in small caps or something like that. It will look greater

You can also add a reflection to it and move the "Does your site have what it takes to be in the top 100?" a bit lower.

And at last, maybe give a very light gray hue in the background instead of the white because it somehow look like a "under construction" website

On the whole, it already looks great and still have a lot of potential.

P.S. I'm no professional in webdesigning but I do know what I'm talking about. ;)

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