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RK Launcher 0.41 Beta Installer


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Hi guys,

Here is my 20 cents over again. Some time ago I built a little installer for RK Launcher. Well, I made a new simple installer in case you guys may want to use it for the 0.41 release.

You can freely download the installer from:


New installer available (Reflective icons + Leopard Shiny Dock skin)





Download link: http://windowsedge.com/fileuploads/index.p...sh=S57V2YXzrqsu

Very simple installer yet useful. Hope you guys like it

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uhm, just a question but...why would you need an installer for RK?

You don't need it. You can always extract the zip files as we used to do. I just tried to make life easier for some lazy guys (including myself)... and I believed it was a good thing to share the installer with you.

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Awesome. Now we just need a OSX installer for 32bit Windows.

But erm.. Did you ask for permission from the authors to re-distribute the icons? and the theme?

(assuming you didn't make all of them)

I did contact the owner (RKLauncher) long time ago since I built the first installer (that's why I'm posting it here).

About icons:

Mac OSX icons are trademarks of Apple Inc. © 2007. All rights reserved.

Microsoft icons are trademarks of Microsoft Corp. © 2007. All rights reserved.

About the Leopard Dock skin: Freely Distributed

Plus I took no credits at all for anything in the installer except for the installer itself :)

Cheers mate

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