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Best Anti Virus (Vote)


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  1. 1.

    • Norton
    • McAfee
    • AVG
    • NOD32
    • Avast!
    • Other (post it so i can see)

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In in the process of working out the details for a Windows install on my MacBook Pro using bootcamp but a few qestions remain one such qestion is which anti virus best protects your mac from pesky viruses.

Anyways if you could all vote it would be most a apericated

Cheers ^_^

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kaspersky is the best anti virus for security purposes. However if you use it all the time it'll make your machine (especially hard drives) cry as it'll want to scan everything (with its default settings).

i'm fine with that and i've never had a problem with it running, in fact its saved my skin a few times too.

google says it might harm my machine? never mind, i have kaspersky, away!

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i think McAffee is the best, even though my computer has had some errors a virus has never infected it, but I think i'll give trend-micro a try, i've never recieved infected emails neither with trend micro...

you guys know the trend micro webpage? i'd like to download it...:)

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Dam the Anti Virus market is over crowded 5 listed anti virus applications plus 10 others i didnt even know existed its a wonder anyone can pick one but the poll seems to point at AVG as being the most well known but does it live up to its name?...... sigh i guess

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Definitely not norton, seeing as it always fails to fight viruses itself and i always end up deleting them myself...which lasted me 2 years.

Now i have avast which in my opinion isn't really the best one out there. It let a mbr virus sneak in and overthrow my whole god damn computer. I'm still using it because i don't have enough money to go with anything else.

I've heard good things about NOD32, should i save up enough for it or should i go with something else?

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come to think of it, i have a question about avast.

everytime i finish a scan i get a result that says msi.dll located in C:System Volume information is a corrupted CAB archive. When i try to right click repair, i get a repair success, but everytime it still says that msi.dll is still corrupted among other things.

sorry to hijack the thread, but i'm guessing it's better to discuss it here what with anti viruses and such.

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