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July '07 Desktops

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It's not the dock (rk launcher dock btw) it self thats reflecting windows but a very very veeery old app that i remember myself using ages ago. It just clicked in my head when i saw the new osx dock..."hmm i think i know how to almost do that on xp XD" Then i googled for this ancient thingie.

However i think its for pc only. Maybe theres something similar for mac but i havent seen it.

It's called GT Ripple ( www.gtdesktop.com ). Wat it basiclly does is create a layer on top of your desktop wallpaper that reflects/ripples anything above it. Thanks to the options in the Gt Ripple config window you can even make it act as a mirror (set frequiency of ripples and such untill it stands still) and even set a mask of wich part on the desktop you want it to reflect. In my case i set the mask to reflect within my rk launcher dock background. Too bad we can't set the Z order of the Gt Ripple layer cause right now it sits exacly above the desktop background level and wont reflect if dock is set to be on top cause it doesnt follow it. If u have any more questions do pm me ^_^

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