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Gnome Icon Packer

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I have released the first test release of Gnome Icon Packer. At this moment I'm not working with it as I am busy with building a web site for my University's alumni. Which I expect to complete at the beginning of next month. After I finish that site, I'll be able to give this project more time.

So What is Gnome Icon Packer? Its a small utility to build Gnome Icon themes. Right now its very simple but still can customize almost every system icons. Its still have a lot of glitch as This is my first Python based application but it should serve its purpose at this moment.

It can

Create Icon Themes, save them in a XML file and can load them later for more customizing

Build Icon Themes and Install them

Download it from sourceforge

I've started working on the project again! and Then i noticed I forgot to provide the required XML file :mad:

I've added the xml and now it should work flawlessly.

I'm working on a big update on this program, after that thew application will be more customizable!

Here is the screenshot


Enjoy and happy customizing,

Thanks for the comments :)

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