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LOCO is coming.

(aka illuminous 2)



Illuminous 1;




  • Use with Max Rudburg's MILK ICONS which are from his milk theme, as the standard aqua icons look TERRIBLE.

  • Do Not use graphite variation, it may contain bugs and/or unthemed elements.

  • Use the menu extra fix!

illuminous 1.5L

App skins

  • iTunes Skin now included!
    (let me know immediately if you have issues. Designed for versions 7.2+ only)

illuminous 1.0L

App skins

  • Finder (of course)

  • Mail

  • Safari

  • itunes (coming soon)

Theme Variants


^ illuminous Uno

- 50% transparent menubar.

- Black transparent menus.

- Unified windows, opaque (non-transparent).

* Menu extras fix

This is not a theme variant. It's a transparent menubar fix which fixes the background of the menu extra items which look odd.

* illuminous shade (coming soon?)

* illuminous glass (coming soon?)

* illuminous tint (coming soon?)


The following elements were not created by me and are subject to copyright. You must Not use these elements without prior permission from the respective artists (as I have done);

  • silver scrollbars, secondary buttons and tabs from Susumu's 'Dragon' guikit;
    McDo DESIGN Administrator Susumu Yoshida

  • Unified window elements and certain buttons from UNO theme installer;

You do however, have my full permission to use the 'illuminous' elements created by me in your theme including; black buttons, transparent menubars, black transparent menus, apple logo work, spotlight logo work, skins- itunes, mail, safari, finder, and overall illuminous concept designed by me.

However, if you do not modify these elements, or if the modification is minimal (this is at my disgression) you must credit me as so;

Levi- The perfectionist (of aqua-soft.org & macthemes2.net)



All Other elements based on Apple's unified windows or default aqua theme elements.

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  • 3 months later...
I already sent you an E-Mail, if I am not mistaken. I'll try it again: Would mind me porting your Theme to Gtk? I really like it, but I can't extract anything from the guikit, because I'm on Linux here.

I'd appreciate that. :)

sure.... but, Are you wanting illuminous 1 only?....

its a tad inconsistant but has some good ideas.

illuminous 2 is gonna be a complete revamp, but I havent started it just yet (only mockups).

Its going to be less glossy and more consistant with the elements 'fitting' together better.

what format would you like me to save and send it as?

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  • 4 weeks later...
Still interested in sharing? :)

To my knowledge it would take too long to export as pngs. I could copy>paste all elements out, but theres like more than 1000... :P and seeing as Im currently creating my own theme im focusing my energy on that instead at the moment.

You are welcome to create a port, but yeah you need to go about it- I can only help you to a certain extent.

I can export in shapeshifter format, DLTA, resource based dlta, or xscheme file easily.


update. bump.

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i like this very much. i saw this theme while googling for a os x theme. i was going to install the os on my pc but the version that is out now of leopard has no audio and wlan doesnt work. is this version complete? and would i be able to get this? thanks

illuminous 1, the link is in the first post... CLick on the text that has the illuminous logo/ theme sample on it. it will take you to my deviantart from which you can download it.

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