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TopDesk 1.5.3 - Vista Flip3D on Windows XP and Mac OS X Exposé on Windows XP/Vista

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TopDesk 1.5.3, a task switcher that emulates OS X Exposé and Vista Flip3D functionality, is now available. [Download TopDesk 1.5.3]




The major features in version 1.5.3 are:

  • Win+Tab Hot Key Support - The Windows+Tab hot key combination is now supported by TopDesk.
  • Improved Window Image Snapshots - TopDesk is now more compatible with Java applications and Linux ports.
  • Hide TopDesk System Tray Icon - The TopDesk system tray icon can now be hidden.
  • Enable/Disable TopDesk From System Tray Menu - TopDesk can now be enabled/disabled from the TopDesk system tray menu.
  • Configure TopDesk From Start Menu - Users can launch the TopDesk Options dialog from the Start Menu.
  • Bug Fix - TopDesk no longer remains disabled after the computer is unlocked.
  • Bug Fix - Maximized iTunes windows are now displayed while tiling.

Visit the TopDesk web site for more information.

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This's great news :) Since we're on the subject of compatibility.. I had since ditched WindowBlinds in favour of TopDesk as your program is so much more useful.. however, has there been any inroads towards getting WindowBlinds Window borders to appear during flip/expose mode? *crosses fingers*

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There ought to be ways to accomplish this as Startdock's own WinFX app, if I remember correctly, can 'scale' their transparent window drawn borders. Perhaps there's an api that can be shared?

I know this would be going way above and beyond the call of duty but, I'd think there'd be so much crossover between the customization community and an app such as TopDesk. Also, think of the cross exposure for both. *crosses fingers*

Frogboy seems to be a nice chap over there at Wincustomize/Stardock perhaps a simple inquiry would reveal nice folks who'd be more than willing to share coding compatibility techniques?


I suppose I'm just ever hopeful that there'll come a day I won't have to choose between the two programs :)

EDIT: especially when stardock keeps enticing us with stuff like: next version adds blur effects (vista style) to XP

Thanks for humoring these kind of requests though, truly a professional team you have over there.

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