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So long Vista (story)

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Back in 2005, I was so excited with the announcement of the newest chapter of Windows; Longhorn. Years go by and the anticipation kept on building the constant push of the release date making me more excited of what was to come... Last year, I (like 16,000 other people) managed to get my hands on RC2 and was overwhelmed with the newly designed OS. I loved every aspect of it and I didn't even have Aero yet! After 800$ in upgrades to support this new OS and a hefty retail price on Ultimate, along with many years of waiting, I'm sitting hear in a blank face writing this post to say I'm making the Switch the Apple... In 2 weeks time Ill be replacing my newly upgraded AcerAspire, 3.20GHz, 1.5Gb, 500Gb, GeForceFX 5500 256mb PC for a previously owned, 17" iMac (Intel Core 2 Duo 1.83GHz) I'm going to be paying about 300$ off. (I didn't put this post in 'TheOfficialIGotAppleSoftware' thread because its not about me getting a mac, its about me leaving Windows because of Vista)

Aero was the first real disappointment. The look was nice for the first few months, but I've gotten extremely board of it. 3DFlip takes way to long I have a standard video card and I'm assuming if I had a better faster ATI card it would be smoother, but its very impractical, Why use Win+tab and have to flip so much, when you can just hit alt+tab and see them all in a row. The real-time thumbnail view in the taskbar is flat out retarted in my opinion. I hope I'm not the only one who thinks that, the images are -way- to small, and just annoying when you hoover over and some awkwardly sized unreadable thumbnail jumps up. I do however like the thumbnails in the Switch Windows tab (alt+tab) it comes in handy. Beyond Aero, since March Vista has crashed over 7 times to the BSOD, I've detected at least 750+ spyware threats (I know I cant blame that on the OS it’s the users fault, but its because of the OS that these problems exsist) and just shy of 10 major virus's that has jeopardized my computer. Simple apps like Gallery and IE7 crash for zero reason.. I've been unable to install countless number of programs even with the compatibility set at XP. When I first got a look at the new look, I thought it was, well... "wow" but now its just plain old ugly, The (apple) desktops in the monthly desktop threads make me extremely envyous. Sure, I can emu, but its still a windows on the inside. And, Ill say it to the world; Microsoft icons SUCK! In the past I've sworn never to switch, but M$ has forced me to leave its WindowsHellEmpire and look for a different OS. With Linux not making the cut (need AdobePhotoShopCS2) I'm left to the highly popular Macintosh Systems.

Theirs a few reasons why Im leaving Windows, but overall I just hate Windows :)

(I'm not trying to start a debate, i know Macs have their own set of negative features like program compatibility. And I also know that Windows has a great deal of revolutionary features like, having an OS that wasn't built on open source, and controlling 90% (don't know the actual figure) of the general market)

(Sorry for the spelling)

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Congrats on the switch ! Personally I switched to Mac when they went intel, I'm not regretting it at all (except that you have less freeware on OS X, but you can still compile some Unix tools (like I'm compiling KDE right now xD))

We are waiting you in "Official "I got Apple hardware" Thread" ;)

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Welcome. And don't take too much about compatibility... It's very few apps you may need something like Parallels or VMWare Fusion to solve a compatibility problem. Me working in 120% Windows network. We use Active Directory + Exchange + some Win32 specific applications - and i'm work on my MacBook Pro (and PowerBook befor) for 2 years =)

Yes, I have Parallels... And i start it... 1-2 time in 2-4 months. Its a good deal IMO.

Good luck!

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Right on, man! I got the Beta 2 and RC releases, and had the same reaction. I didn't spend that much on hardware though, haha. I think the huge contribuing factor as to why I couldn't do Vista was the "improved" start menu. Don't get me started, haha.

Good choice, bro. I've had my MacBook for about 2 weeks now and it's by far the best machine I could ever imagine owning. I've had as many as 16 videos playing at once and it hasn't skipped a beat...just wow. They opened within seconds as well...I'd crash Windows if I tried that, haha.

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YAY, you have seen the light. I have sworn off any notion of switching to Vista. I'll install Linux first, and I have Windows apps I have to have.

I'll just stick with XP, thanks. Any company who puts all that incredible solid skill into copy protection (come on, 9 layers!?) but just bundles Windows Defender and Firewall with Vista, tosses in some extra nag dialogs, and calls that "enhanced security" should be given a head examination. Yuck.

When I saw a lousy QVC thing back in February about Vista, with a couple of nuts oogling over how you could run 500 things on Vista at once and switch between them with snazzy effects (IT LOOKS SO CUTE! God, they sounded like little teenys), I wanted to gag. Especially when you realize the junk that lurks under that cute glass skin is still the same old M$, just bloated up worse.

Stupid QVC. :P

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I thought it was the 150 most retarded, uneducated, fanboy words ever written.

I'll respect legitimate complaints about Vista. I'll agree it's far from perfect, but that was about the lamest comment I've read to date.

Apparently Ali C. hasn't ever looked under Vista's hood.

And don't give me that "I've tried it crap" either, because it's obvious your knowledge of Vista is limited to in store tinkering and Mac fanboy blogs.

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I think you are very right. I never used Vista (and never want it), but XP hat done it's great part to it why I left Microsoft's OS behind me and switched to Apple's OS X:

And yes I'm very happy with it and not missing XP at all :)

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I looked at under Vista's hood, and personally I think it's not that bad. At my grandparents' I installed Vista on their computer, and actually, except the shutdown thing, it's far more intuitive than XP, and having an black taskbar don't make they think they have spent their money into a toy.

Vista is still installed under bootcamp for me (Halo 2 :) ) and , except (again) the fact that I must wait for apple to release another bootcamp version for updating my drivers (damn AMD dropping official Mobility drivers !!!) I only experienced one BSOD , while installing a non-vista driver. So it's very stable for me (thus many of my drivers and programs are in BETA state.)

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The real-time thumbnail view in the taskbar is flat out retarted in my opinion. I hope I'm not the only one who thinks that, the images are -way- to small, and just annoying when you hoover over and some awkwardly sized unreadable thumbnail jumps up.

i've thought it's been helpful when i have so many of the same apps opened...

get a bigger monitor i guess and the images will get scalably bigger (i don't think scalably is a word, but i think you get the gist)

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