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Mahora Academy msstyle theme

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im updating my post again this is version 3


-this is a clear shot taken from raw episodes and i saved it as PNG

i hope you can see it clearly now.

-it sure is nice if we can create a aqua glass version of this

-and add those unique features too


this is the edited version of my first post.

i found hasegawa chisame's unit.

but im not finished analazing yet.

im going to edit it again after i've put my thoughts on adobe illustrator..


(this is PNG)

-can you see that girl with the pink hair inside the monitor?

-well that is chisame on her second identity as a NET idol. (pink hair with no glasses)


-edited turned to PNG (the best shot came from raw ep) hope u can see it clearly

extra stuff:


chizunee and chisame


who is hasegawa chisame?


she is a student at mahora academy

and she is called a super hacker

with two identities.

her second was she is a NET idol (i hav'nt posted her net idol image yet.)

(well.. just ask if you intrested...)


this is their suka forms (a chibi owl) with nagase kaede (the kappa)


kaede and chisame

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yeah. right now im actually watching every episode again to get the clearer version that i first saw from Chisame's flat monitor. her msstyle is really something.

the image in my first post is Hakase..

its just that her theme is similar to chisame but chisame's theme is cooler than hakase.

i'll edit my first post after i find the episode with the flat monitor with chisame.


i transfered my first post before here..

pls dont mind..



please look on her computer.

can anyone create a theme like that one?

i was thinking to enhance or upgrade the version like

making the features aqua-glossy and maybe create other color versions

and maybe adding a bit transparency to look like vista or something..


sorry bout the image it's just a screen shot from a .flv.. maybe i'll put a much clearer image after i find a closer look on some EP.

i hope designers here wud put some intrest on it or take it a challenge..

i am also a GFX'r but im still a student i have much to learn.

i wish that [email protected] could create a version of it.

his style skills is superb!

-also sorry that i posted it here.

-i just wanted to get my post noticed

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ok just a little more. im downloading the last 10 episodes..

i know people really dont get what i mean. its not create the same as that on the picture.

i think after i find chisame's theme i'm going to draw it on adobe illustrator and post my thoughts visually.

there are some features that i like on that theme. but not exactly as the theme.

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yeah lets discuss it more! i've updated my first post again! version 3

-what software do you use when your creating a layout for the theme?

-altho i'd love to make it but im not skilled at making glass effects like those on windowblinds.

-and i dont know how to create themes yet.

-maybe we could help each other and keep upgrading it.

-maybe 3 color variation wub be great like a cobalt theme, graphite theme and the original theme.

-critics wub be great to make it more advance.

add more:

-i think it be cool if there is a glow effect when you hover the mouse on the

minimize,restore & close bottons. etc..


-maybe we could decide a good wallpaper for the theme last.

for windows and Mac (flat size)


by the way that anime series was released this year 2007

thats why i think its a bit advance when it comes to style.

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that's why im going to make a futuristic version.

ofcourse if im just going to mime whats on the series it would be bad.

i like tweakfreak's hard work but that would'nt be enough bcause it looks left-out compared to vista and mac. so im going to change the features.

i'll just come up with an idea.

right now im working on sound effects for that theme. hehehe~

let me do what i want.

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