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Mac Gadger v2.0 Updated Build 1709

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So, Here is the Updated new Version of Mac Gadger with 4 new Skins.

New Features and Bugs patched in this New Update:

* You can now Install Volume Control as a Widget on your desktop.


* New User Interface.

* Some Fade Problems with Slow Systems.

* Sumtimes Always on TOP peoblem with Fade Windows.

* Uses Low Memory.

* and some more....

This is MacG update pack , which includes 4 skins and update files, following the Preview of pack:

Aero Skin:


Vista Ultimate Skin


WMP Glass Skin:


WMP11 Skin:



If you dont have Mac Gadger v2.0 then you have to download and install this Application first, to make this Update pack Work.

Download MacG Patch Pack from DeviantART.

Direct Download Link for MacG Patch Pack from DeviantART.


If you like my Work, then dont feel shy or forgot to Comment..! :D

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