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Leopard Dock skin for RocketDock!

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I just figured I would do something EXTRA special for my first skin on this forum, so I did a copy of the new Leopard dock for RocketDock. To use it, just follow the instructions in the "readme.txt" file; it should be pretty easy to follow. Hope everyone enjoys this!

Edit: I added a new shinier version. Just copy the folder into the skins directory and change the theme with RocketDock.


Leopard Dock.zip

Shiny Version.zip

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This is a great skin, man. You have my admiration. This was already being discussed on osx-e with a version for ObjectDock by Reverse. Here, http://www.osx-e.com/forum/showthread.php?p=28885#post28885 It wasn't very compatible with RocketDock, though. Great first post. Keep the stuff rolling, eh ;)

Edit: I have a suggestion. To make this look more like the real Leopard dock, make it a bit more...shining. Kind of reflective like. Maybe that could be done with a little bitt of transparency effects, I don't know much.

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