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TopDesk 1.5.2 - Vista Flip3D on Windows XP and Mac OS X Exposé on Windows XP/Vista

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TopDesk 1.5.2, a task switcher that emulates OS X Exposé and Vista Flip3D functionality, is now available. (Download TopDesk 1.5.2)




The major features in version 1.5.2 are:

  • Quick Launch Shortcuts - Users can now tile and hide windows using quick launch toolbar shortcuts.
  • Portability - TopDesk can now run portably (e.g. on a USB memory stick).
  • Mouse Selection In Flip Layout - Windows can now be selected using the mouse when using the Flip layout.
  • Improved Video Performance - TopDesk now preloads window images before tiling, reducing stutter caused by the video driver loading images into memory.
  • Improved Game Compatibility - TopDesk now automatically disables itself when other full screen 3D accelerated applications are open and lets users know why it disabled itself.
  • Improved Video Compatibility - TopDesk is now runs on more lower-end video cards, and glitches that occur while tiling windows that use 3D acceleration and/or overlays, such as Windows Media Player, have been reduced.
  • Improved Screen Saver Compatibility - TopDesk now turns off screen savers while tiling.
  • Improved Application Compatibility - TopDesk now works with more applications.
  • Compatibility With Non-Administrator User Accounts - TopDesk now runs under non-administrator user accounts.
  • Traditional Alt-Tab Switching In Flip Layout - TopDesk now supports traditional Alt-Tab switching between the two frontmost windows while using Flip layout.
  • Tips - TopDesk now displays optional tips while tiling.
  • Configurable Tiling And Untiling Behavior - Users can now choose between TopDesk 1.4.2 tiling/untiling behavior or traditional Alt-Tab tiling/untiling behavior.
  • Configurable Minimized Window Transparency - Minimized window transparency can now be turned on or off.
  • Configurable Restart Window Enumeration - TopDesk can now enumerate only visible windows when it starts/restarts, preventing minimized windows from appearing while resuming/unlocking a computer.
  • Configurable "No Windows To Tile Or Hide" Warning - The "beep" TopDesk sounds when no windows are available to tile or hide can now be turned on or off.
  • Improved Disable Behavior - TopDesk hot keys are now available for use by other applications while TopDesk is disabled.
  • Improved Hot Key Configuration - Hot keys can now be disabled.
  • Restore Default Configuration - Users can now restore the default configuration.
  • Bug Fix - TopDesk now displays the desktop background in Windows Vista.
  • Bug Fix - TopDesk no longer tries to snapshot an application window image if the application is hung.
  • Bug Fix - TopDesk now only untiles when the Alt key is released if Alt is part of a TopDesk hot key combination.
  • Bug Fix - TopDesk now behaves correctly when multiple hot key combinations are activated in quick succession.
  • Bug Fix - Other applications are now prevented from stealing focus while TopDesk is tiling windows.
  • Bug Fix - The mouse scroll wheel now works when tiling is activated using mouse hotspots.
  • Bug Fix - TopDesk no longer crashes when Explorer crashes.
  • Bug Fix - TopDesk no longer exits with an error message when delayed by other applications at system startup.
  • Bug Fix - TopDesk now works better when locking/unlocking, resuming from standby or hibernation, and when using Remote Desktop.
  • Bug Fix - Desktop wallpaper changes are now always correctly detected.
  • Bug Fix - Centered desktop wallpaper on non-primary monitors is now displayed correctly.
  • Bug Fix - Hebrew/Arabic language windows are now displayed correctly.
  • Bug Fix - The ESC key now cancels selection in Flip layout.
  • Bug Fix - TopDesk now uses less CPU while disabled.
  • Bug Fix - The window tile window title font size is now displayed correctly in Options dialog.
  • Bug Fix - TopDesk no longer attempts to scroll when only one window is displayed in Flip mode.
  • Bug Fix - TopDesk now animates scrolling when only two windows are displayed in Flip mode.
  • Bug Fix - Maximized iTunes windows are now displayed while tiling.

Visit the TopDesk web site for more information.

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