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Hehe.. I can add bookmarks now..

I can't find Quick Links or iSpy here in Safari though..

I can't either.

@bSAYS: Near as I can tell, it doesn't.

The font gremlins are returning...slowly. Either that, or I've found sites with text encoding Safari doesn't like...

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Does anyone here knows if the Windows version of Safari 3 will support the built-in PDF-reader? Apple says that Safari on Windows is the same as on Leopard, but the feature isn't implemented so far...

It's sort of annoying that it downloads PDF's rather than open them. Firefox and IE don't have this hangup.

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I'm sure at some point, Adobe will make a plug in for Safari on Windows as well.

That is unless the fine folks at Apple decide to include a built in PDF viewer with the final release of Safari for Windows.

Go here: Safari 3 Beta Plugins

This is Apple's site, and there are plugins for Adobe Reader, Flash & others.

It's wierd though... I had Adobe Reader installed before Safari.

Safari must have found or installed the plugin, because I never manually installed it... but I've been able to view PDFs from the start.

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I've a problem saving pictures, i just cant, when a click an image and "Save image as..." or "Save image to...." both doesnt work, i dont have the option to save as jpeg or bitmap or gif, only i can copy then open a picture program and past it....

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try either

a) not use the beta software

B) dragging and dropping the file to your desktop (or a folder on it) and then moving it. It works with firefox and ie7 (and you can even drop to MSpaint with them) so i'm pretty sure Safari should do it.

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Well, i want to start out by saying how SLLLLOOOW it is on my system.

It was sayed that it was to be the fastest browser.... Firefox loads 5xxx Faster..

I Am serious!!!! This is no joke.

Every time i start Safari, the window is white for more than a minute,

i couldn't wait for it any longer. So i close it, and run Firefox And BOOM,

My Homepage pops up.

I Would be more impressed if it looked like the Safari 3 on Leopard.

The toolbar, wich is the same as the Leopard Finder toolbar.

And i think they should have gave us the Traffic-light buttons.


Safari impresses me by the font smoothing and how i can move

The window without it freezing up.

I Can resize a search box, wich is great.

i Like the Plastic dark look too! When i press the add button, i see

the cool swoopy genie effect and the nice glowy button that says

"Add".. I Like the RSS Reader and how it just rolls down and up.

This is all i can say about Safari For Windows. You post next..

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Safari uses a lot of RAM on my machine, but it starts just a little bit slower than Opera.

But it's annoying that Safari doesn't remember the actual window size. Nearly everytime I start it, I need to increase the window size because it has switched back. It also has some problems with rendering pages.

And I don't like it that I can't use my forward- respectively backwards-buttons on my mouse. A toolbar-button to open a new tab would also be a nice additon. Pressing WIN+T bothers me.

Besides these negative points, there are some good things about Safari:

- It has a nice RSS-Reader

- Rendering pages is really fast

- It's easy to configure and setup, even for Newbies

- It has a nice GUI :D

Here's my most annoying thing: You don't know what's going on with the Development of Safari. Or are there any Developer blogs out there? Will Apple release more Betas or do they just wait until October to release the final version? And what about future support? Will Apple release regular updates? And what about upcoming features? Will more features come in the final version of Safari for Windows like a built-in PDF-reader?

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Thank God my Safari works just fine, never crashes nor screws the text. The only problem for me now is that it never remembers that I always use Safari maximised. Every time I minimise the window and do something else for a while, and then I come back to click on the taskbar to bring Safari back on, it goes to the very first window size and I have to click on maximise button every time I bring it back up on the screen.

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Maybe this is a stupid question, but will Safari stay Freeware after the Final Release?

I'm asking this because I often read the following lines on the Apple Homepage:

Safari Public Beta is preview software licensed for use on a trial basis for a limited time.

Does anyone have more information about it?

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DZGH_Operator, thanks for the news.

I updated it today and tried some of the bugs I had found from 3.0.2. Still, it hasn't solved the downloaded filename stuff. In some sites, download links are not direct links. Instead, they point to something like download.php?id=12345&name=filename.rar. When I click on the link, the browser download a file named 'download.php' into the hdd.

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@ solosou: That's one of the other annoying bugs. Hopefully, they got fixed in one of the next releases.

But if Apple really wants to make Safari more popular, they should hear what the users say and implement some of the suggestions, like full Mouse-button support, "New Tab" button in the toolbar and so on...

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