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Who's getting an iphone?

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It's official, the iphone will be released on june 29 ,2007. I already saw

a few commercials for it. However here is something to think about

iPhone = $600

Rate plan = $39.99 x 24 months (959.76)

Data plan =$19.99 x 24 months (479.76)

Manditory two year contract with AT&T.

So when its all said and done after two years (roughly), add it up $600 + 959.76 + 479.76 = $2039.52

I should mention that I'm a current AT&T customer and those rate plans are the bare minimums.

Do you guys think its worth it?

Do you think that this will be the ultimate gadget?

I really want one but I'm not to sure now.

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As far as I'm concerned it doesn't do anything that an iPaq and Nano don't already do better, and in all that space doesn't even have GPS, so no, definitely not. That's not to say it won't sell well, but it's definitely not for me.

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I would love one, but knowing apple I think the ones who jump first better have very deep pockets.

Basically meaning there are gonna be inevitable upgrades and changes to the unit within 12 months of being launched.. I'm not gonna sign up for a 18mth 2yr Contract on a first Gen...

What will be interesting is to see what contracts they appear on in the UK. And who and how they will be distributed.

We have quite a few carriers here so the competition is a little more fierce and price generally a lot more competitive.

We have:






3 (three)

Dont think I missed any....

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I will be buying the 8 gig, I have been saving up for it since its annoucement.

As far as the rate plans go I already pay for those on the phone, I now own so I don't see that it's quite fair to say that it's part of the cost of the phone. No mater what phone you buy you'll have to pay the carriers service charges.

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i will admit the iPhone is very impressive, and if it is a big success it will probably change the way all cellphones are made. Not right away but in the future. That price is a little steep tho. If it was about $300, i think more people would be getting it. It's like the PS3, you pay up to 600 bux for the system, and another $1000+ for a tv to play it on! It's crazy!

So no i don't think I would get one, not right now anyway. I will wait till the price drops

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I agree, If you're going to make an innovative new "gadget", why not use the best of the best?

There's got to be a good reason, though... I'm thinking it was an issue with size (not likely), battery life (why Bluetooth is so popular), demand (what do you guys download on your phone?), or cost (also not likely, but they could've been avoiding going over that 500 bucks).

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i wish people would stop complaining about the price, do the calculations of ANY phone with the monthly contract for two years and a data plan...

Exactly, i think i paid a hell of a lot more when the RAZR first came out all those years ago, but hey, i wanted it so bad it was worth paying while they were still marketing it as a 'premium' product :P Half the cost must have gone into the brushed aluminium boxes that were probably the coolest box i've ever had to open :D And secondly, that really was a revolutionary phone, there was nothing else like it at the time. With the iPhone... not so much really.

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Yeah, 'cause, every other phone has a 3.5 inch touchscreen, an intuitive "Mac OS X" interface, wi-fi, visual voicemail, 3 environment sensors, fully-featured internet browser and e-mail/chat, and has the popular functionality of an iPod.

Every phone on the market is like THAT. What's so "revolutionary" about this one? Honestly... We've all seen phones with Cover Flow, widgets, and applications fit for Tiger.

Uhm... the Razr had what again? :P A thin profile and a good camera? FTW, Carvetia.

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When first gen RAZR came out, it was the best looking phone in the market........... actually that was all it was. The camera sucked big time and the UI was horrid (in fact Motorola UI is horrid on all their phones I've came across). I was an inch close to buying RAZR over my SE K750i at one time, I tried both the phones in shop and now I've been using K750i for past two years (and I'm extremely satisfied)

The only revolution RAZR had was to fit in French fashion festival, that it looked uber-cool, sexy and extremely anorexic. iPhone is not even out yet, and competitors are already launching iPhone killers.

That's called changing the industry my friend (@Carvetia), because ultimately it's you and me who is going to be benefited by cellphone makers making better devices. Cellphone makers are paying more attention to creating better hardware and better software experience for users, all this past iPhone revelation.

Now if that is not revolutionary then I don't know what is?

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Price aside, I think this iphone might not pack the best of the best feature wise

but I do think its going to spark other phone makers to try and one up it. After its

release I foresee everyone jumping on the touch screen bandwagon and possibly seeing

better phones. I might just hold off on getting one as this first gen might be full of bugs

and glitches as was my MacBook. I've read several articles on AT&T and Apple

deliberately shorting the market on phone quantities upon its release. I've read only

40 or so per store only to keep the buzz going and keep demand for it high.

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That's true, it's not that iPhone has best of features or something entirely ground-breaking going on for it. Yes, it includes some of very interesting things in it's sleeve... Environmental sensors, Coverflow, multi-touch and so. In fact, apart from these things.. there isn't a phone which can't do something iPhone can. Surf the net, check emails, view pictures, play video, listen to songs and so on and so on.

But where iPhone stands out is... the way the whole thing is integrated and implemented. It does most of the same things as other phones but does it with style and ease. It's the experience that differs from other phones. Sure there are touchscreen phones, but none offer great experience with your fingers. Sure there are phones that can do multimedia, but none has very-easy-to-use UI. Sure there are phones that can view pictures, but none can do photo management a fun.

Apple always had this philosophy - "Not how much, but how well you do... that matters" !!

iPod doesn't have heavy set of features like some of it's competitors, but there is reason why so many millions people bought it. It does great what it's suppose to do.

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Outdated cell technology... yeah... sign me up! NOT!

No Wi-Fi, no 3G network... It looks pretty, but that alone does not justify it's cost.

Another overrated, over hyped product.

I have a Nano and a RAZR... I'm good.

Me too!

600$, LOL for a phone? Yeah lets not. Why don't you people just pull your pants down and tell them to get on with it!

How much you wanna bet its plagued with terrible battery life too? Not to mention its the size of a brick.

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I'm already getting AT&T spam for this overpriced brick thing.

I'm a Cingular customer and since AT&T took over, I started getting more and more spam from them.

That alone may make me drop them and go to T-Mobile.

Cingular left me alone. Maybe two or three emails a year.

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